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About CoinLoan
4 years
In business
CoinLoan is an international regulated fintech company, licensed under Estonia Financial Authority. The company is one of the pioneers of cryptocurrency lending and the only platform providing loans in digital assets backed by fiat collateral. Our clients can borrow, swap, and hold crypto assets, as well as earn on them. We are constantly growing, bringing innovation, and deploying new features.
Summer Results
June = 100%
Customer Growth
This summer, we observed an exponential rise across all the key metrics: customers, profits, and assets. We launched new activities to accelerate the company's growth, and we are eager to continue developing our services.
Verified Users: +100%
Registered Users: +462%
ROI in the User Acquisition Activities: 3 Months
June = 100%
Asset Growth
Deposited Assets: +211%
Interest Account Deposits: +161%
Crypto-backed Loans: +230%
June = 100%
Profit Growth
Exchange Fees: +161%
Loan Origination Fees: +311%
Loan Interests: +146%
About CoinLoan Token
CoinLoan Token (CLT) is an Ethereum based utility asset applied on the CoinLoan platform. You can grow annual interest up to 12.3% with staking CLT and get a 50% discount on borrowing fees when paying with CLT.
1.95M CLT
2021 Growth
Total Supply
Circulating Supply
CLT in Numbers
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We offer our users to obtain the CLT packages at the most favorable prices and grow.
The minimum Package starts from $25K. We send Terms and Offering Conditions upon request.
CLT Offer
CoinLoan intends to use the received funds in researching and developing the product.
The information provided herein is for general informational purposes only and should not be considered an individualized recommendation or personalized investment advice.
Digital currencies are highly volatile and not backed by any central bank or government. Digital currencies lack many of the regulations and consumer protections that legal-tender currencies and regulated securities have.